Product Review (September 2001) - Salamander Designs
Stackable Annex DVD/CD Holder

There are plenty of components to choose from when shopping for A/V electronics, but how about stylish accessory products? A company called Salamander Designs offers some unique high quality DVD/CD holders. While furniture isn't exactly our specialty, we felt that these products were worth mentioning.

Build Quality
The Annex stackable DVD/CD holders we reviewed were made from solid cherry and sport a heavy metal base. Assembly was a snap with all the necessary hardware incuded. Solid metal stacking keys are provided for future stacking of additional Annex DVD/CD holders. We used two Annex DVD/CD holders in our room and due to the heavy construction, found them quite sturdy. Our listening room is filled with plenty of functional furniture, but it's rare to have such an elegant look that the Annex DVD/CD holders have to offer. If you're in the market for a DVD/CD holder that will match your beautiful hardwood furniture, take a look at these new Annex units. Their style and finish can add to the look of your room while providing functionality. Other finishes include Black, Cherry Maple or Walnut.

Salamander Designs also offer two other lines called Fusion and Synergy. Fusion racks are larger with multiple shelfs and the Synergy line is an elegant closed cabinet with a glass front. If you are looking for more than just a DVD/CD holder, check out the beautiful offerings from Salamander Deigns.
- Kevin Nakano

Review at a glance:
Salamander Designs Stackable Annex DVD Holder


  • 50 CDs or 35 DVD capacity.
  • Available in Black, Cherry Maple or Walnut.

    Company Information
    Salamander Designs Ltd.
    30 Arbor Street
    Hartford, CT 06106
    Phone: 888-224-4113 or 860-313-0525 (9am - 5pm Est.)
    Fax: 860-313-0526

    Source: Reviewer Purchase
    MSRP: $79
    Size: 9.5H X 21.25W X 7.5"D, 6 Shelves
    Weight: 16 pounds
    Warranty: 5 year parts and labor


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