Product Review (May 2010) - BDI
Avion Series II Model 8927
(Natural Stained Cherry)

By Kevin Nakano

Choosing the right A/V cabinet for your home entertainment system is not always easy. Trades between cost, style and functionality often make the decision process difficult. Some open shelf designs look great, but are difficult to keep clean with frequent dust build-up. Some closed cabinet designs prevent adequate ventilation for those components with high power dissipation. Others simply lack the build quality many expect when complementing their A/V electronics.

BDI, a 25 year old company that specializes in high quality and stylist home furniture, offers a full line of A/V cabinets that not only looks great, but provide excellent functionality and are built to last. Their designs are available in a variety of sizes and finishes offering something for everyone. The company sent us their Avion Series II 8927 A/V unit, a three compartment wide home theater cabinet in a natural cherry stained finish.

The Avion Series II 8927 comes largely pre-assembled in a big shipping box. At first I was a bit concerned about the the shipping straps digging into the outer edges of the box, but once I opened it up it became obvious that this was not an issue since the cabinet was so well packed inside. There is nothing worse than having to deal with damaged goods due to poor packing.


The A/V unit was packed with double layered thick cardboard on parts of the cabinet. In addition, there was more padding provided in the corners to keep the unit from being damaged during shipping. I was thoroughly impressed with the level of protection provided. As I peeled away the protective material from the unit, the beautiful cherry finish revealed itself. There were even boxes tucked into the cavities of the cabinet to provide rigid support during shipping. This helps prevent damage from occurring under heavy shock. Doors were also lined with padding to prevent problems due to shock. BDI has done an excellent job protecting the furniture while in shipment.

Some Assembly
The Avion Series II 8927 comes largely assembled, but does require the satin-finished stainless steel base and wheels to be attached. The wheels allow the unit to be rolled even after all the components are in place and the wiring is installed. All of the needed tools are includes with the cabinet for easy assembly. There are many customers out there that lack basic tools, so it was nice that BDI included these with the cabinet. Two back panels are included and easily slip into the rear track if used.

The left and right sides of the Avion Series II 8927 have single doors with smoke glass covering the two shelves. Each compartment inside the cabinet is designed to handle standard 17-inch wide components with depths up to 20 inches with the back panel installed. Deeper components can go further if the panel is removed. The full height opening is about 16-inches with an adjustable shelf available for optimal placement for the components. The shelf is slotted and allows air to move through it for better ventilation. The front doors are designed not to slam, which is a problem on so many cabinets. I really liked this feature because I happen to have another cabinet where this is a problem.

The Avion Series II 8927 includes an integrated compartment for a center channel speaker and media storage. This versatile center drawer can conceal a speaker (up to 7.25-inches tall) with an acoustically transparent front material that lets sound pass right through for a clean look. Behind the speaker is a compartment area for media storage. The bottom section also provides 7.25-inches of headroom for components. Since there is no partitioning on this shelf, components can take the full depth without any obstructions. The lower center compartment has the least amount of ventilation (no slotted shelf or sides), so if a DVR or similar component with significant heat generation is placed here, it would be wise to keep the back panel off.

Cable Management
The cabinet is designed to allow for easy cable routing with access to the back of the components on the right and left sides. The center sections have smaller access areas yet provide ample space to route cables. There should be no issues with cable routing with this design.

Avion Series II 8927 is a great design that is well built, elegant, and functional. We loved the natural cherry finish and found that it went well with our modern decor. The cabinet is available from many reputable retailers for around $1500 plus shipping depending on the store. We had no problems installing our equipment into this unit and connecting it all together thanks to the easy back access. Best of all, the equipment stays relatively cool with the slotted shelf and open back design. This is important for long-term reliability of components such as DVRs. Many components fail due to overheating, which is known to shorten the life of electronics. BDI has done an excellent job with the design of the Avion Series II 8927 making it stand out over many other designs we have seen.

- Kevin Nakano

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