Product Review (December 2004) - Bretford
TPMA3-BK Wall LCD Projector Mount

Bretford Inc. produces a wide variety of furniture for schools and commercial companies. Products include large conference tables, A/V carts and even projector mounts. We are covering the TPMA3-BK Wall LCD Projector Mount designed to hold larger projectors while still allowing access to all sides of the unit. Unlike conventional projector mounts that use mounting screws to hold the projector, the TPMA3-BK utilizes a pair of adjustable arms to hold the projector in place. This allows for a wide variety of projector sizes especially those which are typically heavy. The open design allows for adequate airflow in and out of the projector. The mount can accommodate a projector up to 17" wide, 27" deep and 16" high. The wall bracket arm extends about 12 1/2" from the wall and is designed to mount to a single stud. The design allows the projector to have a 10 degrees Pitch, 10 degree Roll and a full 360 degree Yaw. The mount can support projector weights up to 31 pounds and comes with a black power paint finish.

The TPMA3-BK mount ships in two separate boxes due to the size of the components. One box contains the wall bracket arm while the other box holds the mount. Assembly of the mount is simple and depending on the size of the projector being installed, the user can select different side support sizes included with the kit. We were able to use the smaller supports for our Optoma H77 DLP projector, but we barely met the maximum width requirement. The adjustable arms used to hold the projector in place does come with self-sticking pads to help prevent the projector from being scratched. Our installation required us to invert the projector from the elevated position on the wall, so the pads were used on the top side of the projector housing that faces towards the ground. This worked out well for us. We just hope the pads stay firm over time and don't cause the mounting arms to loose their tight grip on the projector. My advice would be to check this from time to time to ensure the projector is firmly in place. Fortunately for us, we are constanly changing projectors for review, so this shouldn't be a problem.

We liked the open design of the TPMA3-BK, which made it easy to access the video panel. The projector and mounting plate can easily be removed from the top support that is attached to the wall arm. This makes it easy to install as well as remove the projector when maintenance is needed. Positioning the projector was also easy and provided us with more than enough Pitch and Roll flexibility to get the picture properly aligned on our Stewart 100" 16:9 FireHawk filmscreen. Ideally, the offset should be close to zero to prevent the picture from suffering from geometric distortions, but in some cases small adjustments may be required to optimize the picture.

We liked the rugged design of the Bretford TPMA3-BK mount. It offers customers a flexible universal mount for a variety of projector sizes. The construction and build quality is excellent and should serve users well, especially on larger, less manageable projectors. On the downside, the TPMA3-BK is not the most attractive looking mount and exhibits a more industrial and heavy-duty look that may conflict with some owners' modern-looking decor. However, the mount is completely functional and provides projector owners with a quality product.

- Kevin Nakano

Review - At a Glance

Bretford Inc.
TPMA3-BK Wall LCD Projector Mount


  • Unique design allows for air flow on all sides of the projector
  • Features Roll, Pitch & Yaw adjustments for fine tuning the projector.
  • Pitch = 10 degrees, Roll = 10 degrees, Yaw = 360 degrees
  • Unique hanger support system allows one-man installation
  • Projector may be mounted right-side up or up-side down
  • Easily re-adjusts for exchanging projectors.
  • When you upgrade projectors, you won't have to purchase a new mount.

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