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DishWorld IPTV Broadband Television
Hindi, Arabic, and Urdu Programming

By Kevin Nakano

Dish Network has their hands in more than just satellite service. The company has recently launched a new capability that doesn't use any satellites at all, but instead relies on the internet for streaming content. When it comes to international programming the playing field gets small and there are limited options available. For those interested in only international programming, there is no need to install a large satellite dish. Dish's IPTV, which stands for Internet Protocol TV is designed to deliver your favorite international programming through a broadband connection. Simply connect your IPTV set top box (provided by DISH Network) to your internet router (wired or wireless) and receive your favorite shows on your TV.

My main focus was on Hindi channels since my in-laws would like to have access to these channels and they cannot install a satellite dish in their condo due to trees obstructing the southern skies. Alternatives left us with either cable, which requires an additional basic package (expensive) or the Dish IPTV solution.

Setting It Up
DISH's IPTV is one of the easiest systems to order and install. Once your order is completed online, your set top box will be shipped directly to your residence with set up instructions. Simply plug it into your television, attached the power adapter and configure the wireless interface. Your programming will automatically appear on the screen. Our review unit included all the available channels for evaluation.

Channel Lineup
The Dish IPTV box has several packages available to subscribers. The Hindi packages start at $9.99/month for 3 channels and go up to $59.99/month for the Hindi Mega Pack offering 17 channels. This is the #1 choice for Hindi Television Entertainment in the U.S. Over 150 days of live cricket, blockbuster movies, music videos, action packed thrillers, the biggest reality shows, sitcoms, family drama, up-to the minute news and current affairs, lifestyle shows and much more. Arabic packages start for as little as $5.00/month for a single channel and go up to $49.99 for the Arabic Elite Super Pack offering 22 channels. This is the most comprehensive Arabic-language programming in America.

Sony Entertainment TelevisionHindi Channels
There are 17 Hindi channels including Zee TV, Sony Entertainment Television, Star India PLUS, Headlines Today, aapka Colors, Sahara One, Star India One, SAB, Imagine Dil Se, Aaj Tak, Willow Cricket, B4U Music, SET Max, Sahara Samay, B4U Movies, Radio City, and TEN Cricket.

Arabic Channels
There are 28 Arabic channels that include Abu Dhabi, Al Arabiya, Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera Sports, Al Zikr, ART America, ART Movies, ART Music Radio, BBC Arabic, Dream 2, Dubai Satellite Channel, Dubai Sports, euronews, ESC-1, Future TV, Hekayat, Murr TV, MBC, NBN, New TV, Nile Drama, OTV, IQRAA TV, Noursat TV, Aghapy TV, Dandana TV, M Life, and ART Tarab.


Urdu Channels
The 2 Urdu channels are GEO TV and ARY Digital. Geo TV is available for $19.99/month and ARY Digital is available for $14.99/month.

What's Included
The DISH IPTV package comes with several cables to get customers up and running quickly with support for a wide range of displays. The universal power adapter provides the Dish IPTV unit with 12V at 1.5A from worldwide power (100-240VAC/50-60Hz). A full size IR remote is also included for convenience. Composite, s-video, and HDMI cables are provided along with a stereo RCA cable. A wired ethernet cable as well as a WiFi dongle with a dock is included in the package. The unit fully supports encrypted wireless connectivity using the supplied WiFi dongle. We tested the IPTV system using the WiFi interface provided since most users will likely use this.

The Dish IPTV box has an impressive selection of both analog and digital interfaces and will connect to virtually any television except those with just an antenna input. Composite, s-video, and component video is supported on the analog side. There is an HDMI interface for those with more modern digital displays. Two-channel analog audio is also available. The USB interface is used with the provided WiFi dongle. There is also a wired ethernet jack as well. Given the choice it would make sense to go with the wired interface for better reliability, but in many cases customers do not have an ethernet cable available for this unit. This is where the WiFi dongle comes in handy.

The IPTV remote is a full size design that allows customers to key in channel numbers and select channels from the program guide. Pressing the "B" button selects the current channel in the Program Guide. Pressing the "C" button selects the Channel Group (Hindi or Arabic) in the upper right of the screen. The Home button takes the user to the Main Menu screen. The volume can also be adjusted with the remote once the maximum level has been set.

Response time was rather slow when using the remote and can be the most frustrating part of using this product. Much has to do with the time latency of the internet accessing the content. However, once the video starts it usually runs without any issues. There were occasions when the video would stop as the data buffer refills, but this appeared to be largely due to bandwidth issues on the internet connection and not necessarily the Dish IPTV unit itself. This is why it is important to have a fast internet connection and a solid WiFi link. Anything short of this may result in video interruptions similar to those encountered when streaming Netflix with a poor connection.

Main Menu
Pressing the Menu button on the remote displays the Main Menu screen. The user can select TV Channels, My Account, or Settings. The Settings menu has Personal Settings and System Settings. The Personal Settings menu is used to select Language, Time Format and Time Zone. The System Settings screen is used to configure the WiFi settings. The Dish IPTV unit supports WPA2 encryption.

The DishWorld IPTV is a fantastic alternative to using cable or satellite for international programming, but does require an internet connection. The system worked well and provided Hindi and Arabic content without the hassle of installing a satellite dish or buying a basic subscription package just to get international channels. Video quality was mediocre, but the quality was largely limited by the content providers and not necessarily the IPTV system itself. If you are looking to get a la carte Hindi or Arabic channels, take a look at the cost effective solution Dish World has to offer. Simple three channel (Hindi) news packages start as low as $9.99 per month.

- Kevin Nakano

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Dish Network - IPTV International Set Top Box


Dish Network IPTV brings you the best Hindi, Arabic, and Urdu TV line ups in America, now available via broadband on your TV. Connect today and come home to where your heart has always been, using your existing internet connection!

Package Includes

  • IPTV Unit
  • HDMI Cable
  • Universal Power Adapter: 12V, 1.5A, 100-240VAC Input, 50/60 Hz
  • IR Remote with batteries
  • Composite Video Cable
  • S-video Cable
  • Two-Channel Audio Cable
  • Ethernet Cable
  • WiFi dongle with USB extension cable and dock
  • Manual

Company Information
Echostar Satellite L.L.C.
DISH Network
9601 S. Meridian Blvd.
Englewood, CO 80112

URL: Dish World Website

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