Product Review (March 2009)
D-Link Internet Surveillance Camera
Starter Kit (DHA-390)

By Kevin Nakano

D-Link DHA-390Setting up a home security system doesn't have to be complicated or expensive thanks to the new D-Link DHA-390. The DHA-390 is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use Internet camera surveillance system that allows you to monitor any room in your house from anywhere over the Internet. The DHA-390 leverages from Powerline networking, which uses advanced modulation/demodulation technology to send the video signal through your house’s electrical wiring, thus eliminating the need to run extra cables across your home. Instead, the system comes with a pair of transceivers that communicate with each other to provide a simple way of streaming the video content. The camera has an adjustable manual focus control to optimize the picture image as well as a swivel base that makes it easy to position the camera in virtually any forward direction. We took this system for a test run and we will share our results with you.

DHA-390 KitInstallation
The D-Link DHA-390 Internet Surveillance Camera Starter Kit is easy to setup. After connecting the camera to the white Powerline adapter using the provided cable, we plugged it into the wall. The D-Link symbol lights-up on the module indicating power has been applied. The left network indicator should illuminate letting you know the camera interface has been detected. A single cable provides camera power and connects video to the Powerline adapter. The next step is to connect the black Powerline adapter to your network using the provided ethernet cable and plugging it into an outlet. Again, the indicators on the front of this module will illuminate the network symbol when your home network has been detected. In addition, the house symbol should illuminate on both modules indicating that both Powerline modules are communicating.
It is important to check this step before proceeding since it will not work properly if the two wall modules do not talk to each other. Like most Powerline modules, the DHA-390 will have difficulty communicating if the modules are placed too far from one another or if they reside on opposite phases of the house wiring. This is something to consider when planning the installation of this system.

Users can also bypass the Powerline feature and use a single power module with the Camera Connection Adapter provided. This adapter has interfaces for both the camera and the network on a single device. This will not offer the placement flexibility of the two module approach, but does make the system less prone to communication issues between the two Powerline modules.

Live VideoAccessing the camera images and control features requires registering the device at the d-Life website ( setting up an account. A d-Life registration card is provided that has both a D-Life Number and a PIN Code. Once the software is active, users can login and view Live Video using the website account. The DHA-390 has auto-provisioning that configures itself to run behind your Internet gateway router and connects to the D-Life service for controlling and viewing your connected camera. D-Link allows users to easily expand the network by adding a DHA-310 Internet Surveillance Camera Expansion Kit. Whether you decide to keep a single DHA-390 or expand with additional cameras, the system remains easy to use and control.

The Snapshots tab is used to look at pictures previously taken by the camera. This is useful when looking at earlier pictures that were triggered by motion. Each picture is tagged with the time and date for reference. Clicking on the image gives the user access to five consecutive photos taken at one second intervals during the capture time. The five photos can also be downloaded in a zipped file with a single click of the mouse. Up to 100 events can be stored and viewed using this interface. Users can tag specific pictures and delete them at one time.

Users can share their camera with up to fifteen others by providing their email addresses on the Share tab. It is also possible to set the email intervals (always, 1, 3 , 6, and 12 hour) and enable the system to send an email notification when storage is full.

The Camera Settings tab allows the user to mirror image or vertically flip the picture. Brightness control and low level boost are also available as options. Microphone volume can be adjusted and the camera LED light can be turned off for stealth mode at night. Motion detection is a powerful feature of this camera and specific days and times can be programmed into the unit for maximum efficiency of the storage space. It is possible for each hour of each day to be programmed on or off. The camera schedule is displayed on the map with a blue square that indicates which hour of each day is set on or off.

The Info tab provides the user with information on the device, model name, MAC address, and activation date.

Home security is made easy with D-Link's DHA-390 Internet Surveillance Camera Starter Kit. Watching your video feed or viewing the the status of your camera(s) from anywhere over the Internet is simple. Whether you are at home or at the office, it is as simple as signing into your d-Life account to control and view up to 4 different cameras simultaneously with the addition of the DHA-310 Expansion Kits..

In addition to the DHA-390 and DHA-310, a growing list of D-Life Enabled products will include networking, communication and security products all designed to enhance the digital lives of users. The combination of the D-Life Enabled products and the D-Life site will provide simple and seamless interaction between the user and their products. The D-Link D-Life Internet Surveillance Starter Kit (DHA-390) and Expansion Kit (DHA-310) are available now from D-Link's online store, D-LinkShop ( with MSRPs of $499.95 and $399.95, respectively.

- Kevin Nakano

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Internet Surveillance Camera Starter Kit (DHA-390)


  • View and manage your camera remotely over the Internet
  • Camera functions without PC turned on
  • Records motion-triggered snapshots that are saved to a secure D-Life server
  • Receive instant e-mail notifications of motion-triggered events
  • Share access to your camera with friends and family
  • 0.5 lux CMOS sensor can capture video in low-light environments
  • Built-in microphone lets you hear what’s happening
  • Adjustable, mountable stand allows you to place and position your camera anywhere
  • Uses auto-provisioning for zero-configuration network setup
  • PowerLine networking allows you to place camera by any power outlet
  • Camera powered and networked through a single cable for easy installation
  • Easily expand your network by adding a DHA-310 Internet Surveillance Camera Expansion Kit
Data Sheet

Internet Surveillance Starter Kit (DHA-390) - MSRP: $499.95
Expansion Kit (DHA-310) - MSRP: $399.95

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17595 Mt. Herrmann
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Phone: 800-326-1688

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