Product Review (October 2001) - Monivision
DM-5952SF 27-inch HD-Ready Multimedia Monitor

Monivision/Chun Yun USA, Inc. has recently entered the high-definition market with the introduction of several new displays. Founded in 1984, Monivision has primarily been in the business of making computer monitors for the consumer industry. However, they have recently introduced a new line of multimedia monitors capable of displaying high-definition video. We received the smaller DM-5952SF SuperFlat 27" 4:3 display for review. A larger 34" (DM-6952SF) 4:3 display is also available with basically the same features and resolution. This is one of the few displays we've seen capable of synchronizing to practically any scan rate that we threw at it. While the maximum native resolution of the DM-5952SF is only 1024x768, we found the high definition video quite satisfying at reasonable viewing distances. The DM-5952SF comes standard with VGA connectors in the front and rear. Standard NTSC and component inputs require the optional Vision Box (CT18990), which fits on the back of the monitor. Once installed, the display accepts composite, s-video and component video as well as an RF input for the built-in tuner which provides reception of both over the air and cable signals. The Vision Box also provides stereo audio outputs along with a composite video output. It should be noted that the component video input can be 480i, 480p, 720p or 1080i. We found that using these inputs limits the total number of video controls compared to what was available when using the RGB/HV inputs. These controls are particularly useful when calibrating the display, but have little use with normal viewing. However, we would recommend using the RGB/HV signal to maximize the user controls.

We would also liked to have seen a vertical squeeze mode when displaying 480p, 720p, or 1080i material. This would maximize image quality with anamorphic DVDs and eliminate the need for the player's internal down-conversion electronics, which has typically been susceptible to artifacts. In addition, high-definition material could be displayed with the proper geometry without relying on the set-top box to take care of it.

In the Lab
Like many computer monitors, geometric corrections were very easy with the menu system when using the RGB/HV inputs. Prior to calibrating this monitor, the black level (brightness) was too dark and white level (contrast) was too high. Gray-scale tracking was on the high side, but using the color adjustment menu brought the color temperature right down to D6500 without a problem. Once calibrated, color accuracy improved with better black detail. High voltage regulation on this set was average with some noticeable blooming with high APL (average picture level) material. Lowering the white level (contrast) helped control this problem while still producing a high contrast image.

Overall the Monivision DM-5952SF was a good performer producing an excellent picture after proper calibration. The XGA resolution (1024x768) limits the finest details of high-definition images, but still produces a substantially better picture than most other non-HD displays we've seen. The ability to accept 480i, 480p, 720p, or 1080i as well as many of the VESA computer rates makes this display very attractive. This monitor, coupled with a set-top box like the Panasonic TU-HDS20 that can be configured to output native rates being broadcasted, allowed us to watch any channel without the all too common up-conversion artifacts. If you're interested in a display that can work as a computer monitor and high definition TV, this may be the one for you.
- Kevin Nakano

Review System:
Set-top Box : Panasonic TU-HDS20 HDTV/DSS Satellite Receiver.
Dish: RCA DSA8900E DirecTV Plus Elliptical dish.
Preamp/Processor: Parasound AVC-2500U DTS/DD Preamp/Processor
Amplification: Parasound HCA-2205AT Ultra-THX Five Channel Amplifier
DVD/CD/SACD Player : Sony DVP-S9000ES DVD/CD/SACD Player
Speakers: Miller & Kreisel S-125 mains, S-125C center, and SS-150THX surrounds
Subwoofer: Miller & Kreisel MK-125 Mk II subwoofer


Review - At a glance
Monivision DM-5952SF 27-inch HD-Ready Multimedia Monitor


  • 27" viewable 4:3 screen
  • 0.74mm (center) dot pitch
  • Full flat Invar shadow mask
  • 31.5KHz-52KHz automatic horizontal sync
  • 50Hz-100Hz automatic vertical sync
  • Up to 1024x768 @60Hz VESA
  • 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i compatible
  • Full Function IR remote
  • 6 foot VGA and power cable
  • Composite, s-video, VGA and component video with optional Vision Box (CT1890)
  • No-hassle on-site service in USA and Canada

    Company Information
    Monivision/Chun Yun USA, Inc.
    11100 Dana Circle
    Cypress, CA 90630
    Toll Free: 888-567-2486
    Phone: 714-893-8113
    Fax: 714-893-8223

    Source: Manufacturer Loan
    Warranty: 2 years parts and labor
    MSRP: $1579
    Size: 29.5" x 23.2" x 19.8" (WxHxD)
    Weight: 130 lbs.

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