Product Review (May 2005)
Etymotic Research ER22 ETY•COM Earphones

Etymotic Research is a company that has expertise in electroacoustics and hearing science. Basically they develop hearing products that include everything from hearing-aid chips to hearing protection devices. Their earphones designs are used in audiology clinics, research laboratories, recording studios, live performances and by many consumers who want high quality audio for their portable music players. Etymotic Research has recently introduced the ETY•COM Headset designed specifically for cell phone use. Like other in-ear products we have seen, the ETY•COM earphone is held in place primarily with the eartip that is placed into the ear canal. The advantage of this design is the in-ear transducer also works as an earplug that greatly reduces background noise. Since the headset is only placed in one ear, the other ear is completely free to hear normal sound levels. Priced at $69, the ETY•COM Headset is not cheap, but then neither is its performance.

The ETY•COM Earphones include a convenient carrying pouch along with an assorted selection of eartips. Velcro keeps the carrying case flap in place. A filter and filter-changing tool are also included. The filter not only smooths the frequency response when installed, but also acts as a barrier for earwax entering the earphone. Etymotic recommends replacing the filter if sound quality degrades, most likely due to wax clogging the filter. Another good reason to keep your ears clean..

We used our inexpensive LG VX3200 cell phone connected to the ETY•COM headset for our testing. My personal preference included the orange colored eartip that worked much like earplugs used in noisy environments. This kept the headset firmly in place. Simply squeeze the foam and in time it would expand to fit snugly in the ear canal. These provided the best performance during my time spent with the product. Sonically, the ETY•COM worked well and the microphone that extends from the earpiece is small and didn't get in the way. This is one of the best products we have used with our cell phone.

The ETY•COM is a great design that worked well with our cell phone. The noise isolation provided superior performance and the product was comfortable to use. The adjustable microphone produced clear dialog to the listener while providing hands-free operation. The small clip included on the cable prevented the cord from pulling on the headset during normal use. We are sold on in-ear designs not only for cell phones, but for music as well. We look forward to reviewing some of the other Etymotic Research products geared for high quality audio reproduction.

- Kevin Nakano

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Review - At a Glance

Etymotic Research ER22 ETY•COM Headset

Product Overview

  • The most technologically advanced headset of its kind.
  • High fidelity noise-canceling earphone.
  • Highly directional noise-canceling microphone.
  • Compatible with cell phones and many cordless phones in homes and offices.
  • Includes accessories and carrying pouch.

  • Specifications
    Frequency Response 22 Hz to 12 kHz
    Sound Pressure Level 97 ±3 dB @ 0.1 V (1 kHz)
    Transducer Type Balanced Armature
    Impedance 32ohms at 1 kHz
    Microphone Type Directional Electret
    Cable Black 5 ft.
    Connector Plug 3-conductor, 2.5mm 1/8"

    Company Information
    Etymotic Research, Inc.
    61 Martin Lane
    Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 USA
    Phone: 847-228-0006 1-888-Etymotic (1-888-389-6684)
    Fax: 847-228-6836

    Source: Manufacture Supplied
    MSRP: $69
    Warranty: 90-day warranty. Extend to one-year with registration.

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