Product Review (July 2007)
Logitech® G25 Racing Wheel

By Kevin Nakano

While gaming consoles and computers have made huge leaps in performance and realism, the human interface often gets left behind. Advanced game consoles such as the PS3 still make use of a standard controller. While they do offer motion sensing and are wireless, they do not give the user the real-world experience like the more expensive simulators. Gamers can now rejoice with the realism offered by Logitech's new G25 Racing Wheel. The G25 is a premium package that features a premium force-feedback steering wheel designed for simulated racing and includes the world’s first dual-configuration gaming shifter that changes with a flip of a knob. In one of the modes there is a six-speed gated shifter with a separate reverse gear and in the other mode a sequential up/down shifter. This enables the system to deliver a great experience on games that don’t support a full six-speed shifter. Out of the box, the G25 is designed to deliver an experience to remember with impressive performance and a great feel.

The G25 package includes a high quality 11-inch steering wheel wrapped in leather for the best driving experience. Even the leather smell gives you that feeling of a real steering wheel. The spokes and two paddle shifters on the steering wheel are made of stainless steel. A full 900-degree wheel rotation (2-1/2 turns lock-to-lock) give the G25 the feel of a real car. While the look and feel of the G25 is superb, the real advantage is the Two-Motor Force Feedback system, which features the industry’s first two-motor force-feedback mechanism. This design provides a stronger and more precise feedback to the user. Logitech claims that with the second motor, the directional forces are more realistic and evenly distributed throughout the wheel. Now the driver can feel everything from the bumps in the road to impacts with walls, structures and other cars. Much like a real driving experience, the G25 always tries to center the steering wheel position. While it wasn't perfect on the PS3, it did give us some nice feedback while driving the Formula-1 racing game.

The cabling for the G25 Racing Wheel all meets under the main steering wheel assembly with dedicated wire channels for each of the cables. The pedal, shifter and power cord run into the base, while the USB cable runs out to connect to a PC or game console. Adequate cable length is provided. The pedal and shifter cables have standard subminiature 9-pin connectors with opposite genders to prevent connecting the cables into the wrong interface.

The pedal assembly lies on a large platform that makes it very stable when the user is playing a game The accelerator, brake and clutch pedals are constructed from stainless steel, which give the user more precise pedal control while driving. The pads on the pedals minimize slip and the large platform covers a sizable area on your feet. Each pedal has significant resistance giving the driver a feel of a real car. In fact, there were times I actually felt a bit of fatigue from the resistance of the pedals. The only improvement I would like to see is with the brake pedal. A nonlinear resistance should be present to represent how a real brake feels instead of the constant resistance experienced with this brake. What I really like was the stability of the platform while playing a game. The base stayed firmly in place through cycles of cornering.

Carpet Skid
Many customers will undoubtedly use the pedals on carpet and thanks to the innovative design of the base, that is not a problem. An anti-slip bar flips down and effectively prevents the base from moving when the user works the pedals during use. We initially didn't realize the anti-slip bar existed until we looked at the design. It just so happened that we experienced the base moving while playing the F-1 racing game. Once we flipped out the anti-slip bar we didn't have a problem. It is a great design and offers the flexibility needed for the large user base out there.

The Logitech G25 shifter offers a sporty short-throw design that includes six forward gears and a reverse gear. Once mounted to a solid surface, the shifter provides a stable and high-quality feel thanks to the steel latch pins and shifter shaft. The shifter snaps into each gear and stays in place with the steel ball and spring-loaded detent design. If sequential shifting is preferred over the six-speed shifting, the user can place the shifter in neutral and rotate the mode selector knob located just above the shifter. This mode moves a set of latch arms into place that restrict the shifter movement allowing only forward and backward motions. Switching back to the six-speed mode is as simple as pressing down on the shifter knob and rotating the dial 180 degrees back into the original position. The narrow design of the shifter allows it to be optimally placed on a variety of surfaces. Since the steering wheel, shifter and pedals are completely separate, racers can customize their racing environment to fit their personal preferences. Ideally users may want to mount the shifter at a lower position than the steering wheel.

Logitech has created a winner with their G25 Racing Wheel. It was a wonderful experience and with the force feedback system the steering adds some realism to the driving programs. The quality construction and versatility of the G25 makes it a perfect addition to the PS3 console or PC. It was just what we needed to complement our 100" 1080p video. The G25 is not for everyone with a street price of around $250, but you get what you pay for in this case and if your budget permits, indulge yourself.

- Kevin Nakano

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Review at a glance

Logitech G25 Racing Wheel System


  • 6-speed gated shifter with push-down reverse gear*
    • Dial on shifter allows gamers to select mode: 6-speed shifter or sequential.
  • Included gas, pneumatic brake, and clutch pedals on a weighted base.
    • Includes Logitech’s carpet grip system and suction cup grip for hardwood floors
  • High-torque, two-motor force feedback mechanism
  • Realistic 900-degree wheel rotation (2-1/2 turns lock-to-lock)**
  • High quality materials: 11” steering wheel with leather rim and aluminum spokes and aluminum pedals with steel frames
  • Latest industrial design innovation: gas-assisted injection molding process was used during manufacturing, allowing the wheel to be created in a single, durable piece without any seams.
  • Compatible with most PlayStation 2 titles

* Six-speed shifter is only supported by PC titles (as of 5/9/06)
** Racing titles need to support this feature

Package Contents

  • G25 Racing Wheel
  • Shifter unit
  • Gas, Brake, and Clutch pedals
  • Power Supply
  • User's manual
  • 1-year limited warranty

Company Information
Logitech Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
6505 Kaiser Drive
Fremont, CA 94555 USA
Phone: 510-795-8500
Sales: 800-231-7717
Support: 702-269-3457

Part Number 624402-0403
Source: Manufacture Supplied
MSRP: $299.99
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty


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