Product Review (November 2006) Jabra
JX10 Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets have become increasingly popular over the years as the convenience of hands-free mobile phones grow. The technology is designed to allow devices to communicate at relatively short distances from one another. In this case, the headset and the mobile phone exchange encrypted data. Once the signal from the headset is received by the cell phone, it is then sent to the cell tower and vice versa. This technology prevents the strong cell signals from being located directly next the the user's head. It should be noted that Bluetooth signal strength is orders of magnitude weaker than the cell signals, thereby greatly reducing the magnetic field exposure to the user. Leveraging from Bluetooth and advanced signal processing, Jabra's new JX10 represents what can be accomplished with today's cutting edge technology. The stylish JX10 was created by world-renowned Danish designer Jacob Jensen, offering users a sleek and compact solution to their headset needs. This JX10 headset weighs less than 1/3 oz (10 grams), making it feel virtually non-existent on the user's ear. Utilizing sophisticated DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology, the JX10 automatically adjust the volume level based on the surrounding environment and significantly reduces background noise for increased performance. The unit is simple to operate and provides the user with operational status through the multi-color LED indicator. The JX10 headset comes with an AC adapter, charging cradle, USB cable and carrying pouch.

Powering on or off the JX10 is as simple as pressing and holding the answer/end button (1 second for On and 5 seconds for Off). The multi-color LED will rapidly flash a burst of blue pulses indicating the command (On or Off) has been acknowledged. Pressing the small pairing button will initiate the bluetooth link to be recognized by your mobile phone. In our case, once the headset was identified by our Motorola RAZR V3m, we no longer had to use this button as the device data was stored in the phone. When the JX10 is combined with a sophisticated mobile phone, it becomes a powerful tool. Many phone dependent features are exploited with the use of the JX10. Making a phone call became as simple as pressing the answer/end button and using the built-in voice recognition commands of the phone. For example, calling the house required me to say "Call", then "Home" and the connection was made without ever having to look at anything but the road in front of me. Answering calls are just as simple. When the phone rings, simply press the answer/end button again on the headset and begin talking.

There are three ways to charge the internal batteries in the JX10. The AC power adapter can be connected directly to the headset or used with the elegant desktop charging cradle for convenience. In addition, a USB adapter cable is provided and can be used to charge the JX10. When charging, the LED turns red and when complete the indicator turns green. Since the shape of each user's ear is slightly different, the JX10 has an adjustable ear clip to allow the user to customize the fit. While the clip comes configured for the right ear, it can be easily removed and switched around for use with the left ear due to the symmetrical design of the JX10. This flexibility is a wonderful feature.

We have all seen the poor driving habits of those talking on their cell phone. Some drivers can't stay in their lane because they are too busy trying to dial a number or simply drive slowly because they are too involved in a conversation. People have a difficult time driving without the "cell phone" factor. California, where we are located, has become the fourth state in the country to ban motorists from holding cell phones while driving, which is due to take effect in July 2008. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and the District of Columbia, have already banned motorists from using handheld cell phones while driving. As more states wise up and pass this type of legislation, hands-free systems such as the JX10 will become even more popular and useful.

The Jabra JX10 is one of the best Bluetooth headsets available today. The lightweight design and sophisticated digital signal processing (DSP) for noise reduction and auto level control sets it above the pack. Our experience with the JX10 was fantastic and it certainly made using a cell phone much simpler and less distracting. While the retail price of the JX10 is on the higher side ($179), the street price is significantly lower, making it an attractive addition to your bluetooth-enabled cell phone. In our opinion, the advance signal processing technology, and lightweight and stylist design certainly justifies the price.

- Kevin Nakano

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Mobile Phone:
Motorola RAZR V3m

Review - At a glance

Jabra - JX10 Bluetooth Headset


  • Boasts a stylish, compact and intelligent design – Created exclusively for Jabra by
    leading Danish design company Jacob Jensen
  • Weights less than one-third ounce (10 grams) and measures less than one and a
    half inches in length (4 centimeters)
  • Offers Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that improves audio quality in windy or
    noisy environments and automatically adjusts volume levels in response to
    background noise
  • Delivers up to 6 hours of talk time and up to 200 hours of standby time
  • Features multicolored LED light that indicates Bluetooth connection, battery life
    and charging status
  • Voice dial, call hold/call wait, last number re-dial and reject call functionality
  • Intuitive one-touch button for easy pairing
  • Easy charging from PC via USB cable or AC adapter. Comes with desktop
    charging cradle
  • Complies with Bluetooth version 1.2
  • MSRP: $179.00


  • Less than 1/3 oz (10 grams)
  • Size: L11/2 x W 3/4 x D 3/4 inches (L3.9 x W2 x D2 cm)
  • Digital sound enhancement via DSP technology
  • One-touch pairing button
  • Optional charging from PC via USB
  • Complete with desktop charging cradle and carry pouch
  • Up to 6 hours talk time and up to 200 hours standby
  • Multi-colored LED light indicator for status on Bluetooth, battery and charging
  • 2 different wearing styles – with or without the earhook
  • Easily accessible volume control
  • Answer/end call
  • Voice dial*
  • Last-number redial*
  • Reject call*
  • Call hold/ call wait*
  • Bluetooth 1.2 supporting headset and hands-free profile

    * Subject to phone and/or network type

JX10 Brochure: PDF File

Company Information
GN Mobile
700 East Butterfield Road, #150
Lombard, IL 60148
Phone: (630) 442-6900
Fax: (630) 371-2628

Source: Manufacturer Supplied
MSRP: $179
Weight: 1/3 oz (10 grams)
Warranty: 1 year

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