Product Review (September 2008)
Logitech® diNovo Edge™ Wireless Keyboard

By Kevin Nakano

Logitech has a great line of keyboards, some of which include integrated pointing devices for true portability. The new diNovo Edge™ Wireless Keyboard ($179.99 retail) fits this category and includes the latest Bluetooth® (version 2.0) wireless technology that ensures seamless, secure operation from up to 30 feet, making it ideal for home theater applications. The diNovo Edge™ comes complete with a USB Bluetooth adapter for those users without an integrated Bluetooth interface on their PCs and the SetPoint software for configuring the keyboard and pointing device. The unit is compatible with Windows Vista™ and Windows® XP and features several hotkeys for launching Media Center, controlling volume, hibernation, and zoom. The keyboard sits on a docking station that charges the built-in 950mAH lithium-ion battery. Charge time is about 5 minutes for short-term (one day usage) and about 2 hours for a full charge (up to 2 months usage). The software monitors the battery level and notifies the user should the level drop too low.

One of the greatest challenges when integrating a Home Theater PC (HTPC) system into your media room is being able to control it without a cumbersome keyboard and mouse. While many users have resorted to using a standard wireless keyboard and mouse, they often clutter up the living space and look unattractive. The Logitech diNovo Edge™ Wireless Keyboard solves this problem and conveniently sits in the docking station when not being used while charging the unit. This is a big benefit for those with significant others that often complain about the number of remotes and other clutter sitting around.

Thin is In
The Logitech® diNovo Edge™ Wireless Keyboard is not only elegant looking with its extremely thin (less than 1/2") profile, but is built well and is designed to last. The keyboard is laser cut from a single, semi-translucent piece of black Plexiglas® and set into a brushed-aluminum frame. The keyboard measures less than 1/2-inch thick, 16-inches wide and 8.5-inches high. It is the perfect size for doing real work and includes everything needed to be productive while staying completely wireless. It does not include the numeric keypad typically found on the right side of many full-sized keyboards, but was not missed in our system.

The diNovo Edge™ features a circular TouchDisc™ navigation system that illuminates for controlling the cursor on the screen. Simply move a finger up and down or across the disc to move the cursor. Users can also move a finger in a circular motion around the perimeter of the TouchDisc to scroll horizontally and vertically through documents and web pages. Sensitivity can be controlled using the SetPoint software included with the keyboard. There is also a touch-sensitive volume slider that makes it easy to quickly adjust the computer's volume and includes a set of eight lights that show the volume level.

Installation of the Logitech diNovo is simple and requires little effort from the user. We simply plugged in the USB receiver into our HP Pavilion m8330f PC running Windows Vista (32-bit) and the computer immediately recognized the Bluetooth device and linked to the keyboard. The user can choose to install the SetPoint software included with the unit. However, I would recommend downloading the latest version from the Logitech website.

The diNovo Edge™ is by far the best wireless keyboard we have used with our HTPC. The look, feel, and performance of this design worked very well and is completely practical for everyday use. The docking station charges the unit and also provides a useful place to store the keyboard. The Bluetooth interface worked well and we never experienced any dropouts in the room we were using the keyboard. In fact, getting too far from our 52" Mitsubishi display proved to be harder on our eyes than with any range issues with the keyboard itself. The TouchDisc™ navigation system is a great design that makes controlling the PC a breeze. The keys have a soft tactile feel that gives the user good feedback when typing. The function keys can be configured to control other commands such as media and mail.

The Logitech® diNovo Edge™ Wireless Keyboard is an excellent design that proved to be a great addition to our HTPC in our media room. The style and build quality certainly justifies the high price associated with this model. Sure, it would be possible to create a cheaper product, but given the choice between a lesser product and the current design, it is an easy decision to stay with the latter. In fact, after using the diNovo Edge™ for the last few months, it would be difficult to use anything else.

- Kevin Nakano

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Review System

Projector: Mitsubishi LT-52148 Full 1080p High-Definition LCD Display
Preamplifier/Processor: Parasound AVC-2500U THX-Ultra DTS/DD Preamp/Processor
Amplification: Parasound HCA-2205AT THX-Ultra Five Channel Amplifier
Bass Management: Miller & Kreisel BMC Mini 5.1 Bass Management Controller
Front Speakers: Miller & Kreisel S-150THX (L+R) and S-150AC (Center) Speakers
Rear Speakers: Miller & Kreisel SS-250 Tripole® Surround Speakers
Subwoofer: Two Miller & Kreisel MX-350THX MkII THX-Ultra Push-pull Subwoofers
Room Treatments: Echo Buster panels and Bass Buster towers
Set-top Box: Dish Network ViP622 HDTV Satellite and Terrestrial Receiver with HDMI
Blu-ray DVD Player: Sony PlayStation3 with HDMI 1.3
Home Theater PC: HP Pavilion m8330f Media Center (Phenom 9500, 3GB, 640GB, HDMI)
HD-DVD Player: Toshiba HD-A1 HD-DVD Player with HDMI
DVD/CD/SACD Player: Sony DVP-NS900V DVD/CD/SACD Player
DVD Audio/Video Player: Kenwood Sovereign DV-5900M 400-Disc DVD Changer
DVD Player: OPPO Digital OPDV971H DVD Player with DVI Output
D-VHS VCR: JVC HM-DH30000U D-VHS High-Definition D-Theater VCR
Laserdisc Player: Pioneer CLD-D704 CD/VCD/LD Player
Media Server: Kenwood Sovereign MRH1 Entre
Remote Control: Remote Technologies Inc. T3 Controller
Analog Audio Switcher (5.1): Zektor MAS3 5.1 Audio Switcher
HDMI Video Switcher: Radiient Technologies Select-4 HDMI Video Switcher
HDMI Cable: VizioWare Hi-Wirez 15-meter Active HDMI Cable
DVI Cable: AudioQuest DV-1 20m DVI-D Cable
A/V Cables: Ultralink Platinum and Advanced Performance Series Cables

Review at a glance

Logitech® - diNovo Edge™ Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard


Refined, minimalist design: Laser cut from a single, semi-translucent piece of black Plexiglas® and set into a brushed-aluminum frame, the diNovo Edge keyboard makes a bold statement in the office or the living room.

TouchDisc™ navigation: Move a finger up and down or across the disc to move the cursor. Move a finger in a circular motion around the perimeter of the TouchDisc to scroll horizontally and vertically through documents.

Premium typing experience: Logitech's PerfectStroke™ key system makes each keystroke fluid and natural.

Media controls: A touch-sensitive volume slider makes it easy to quickly adjust the computer's volume.

Rechargeable: No need to replace batteries. Simply place the keyboard in the charging base – a two-hour charge yields up to two months of battery life.

Bluetooth® wireless Technology: Bluetooth® wireless technology ensures seamless, secure operation from up to 30 feet.

Windows Vista™ Ready: You’re ready to work with Windows® XP or Windows Vista™ with extras like hotkeys. Internet-based component database


  • Keyframe
  • Full-sized standard 18 X 18 mm keys, 3.2 mm key travel, 60g activation force
  • 10M keystroke supported per key
  • Scissor switch technology
  • Plexiglas panel with brushed aluminum palm rest

Enhanced Control

  • 38 mm circular Touchpad with horizontal and vertical scrolling
  • Acceleration settings goes from None to 10 times the scrolling speed
  • TouchDisk can be disabled with FN + Left Click on the keyboard
  • 17 one-touch access controls with instant backlit feedback
  • 57 mm touch sensitive volume slider with instant backlit feedback


  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, version 2.0

Power and Battery

  • Built-in rechargeable 950 mAH lithium ion battery
  • Fast-charge time: About 5 min for approx. one day usage
  • Full-charge time: About 2 hours for up to 2 months usage

Dimensions and Weight

  • 11 mm (H) X 410 mm (W) X 210 mm (D)
  • 940 grams

Package Contents

  • Logitech® diNovo Edge™ Keyboard
  • Charging base AC power cord
  • USB mini-receiver
  • Installation CD with Logitech SetPoint version 3.10, comfort guidelines, & Help center
  • User guide
  • 3-year warranty

System Requirements


  • Windows® XP (SP2) or Windows Vista™ (all editions)
  • Available USB port
  • CD-ROM Drive

Company Information
Logitech Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
6505 Kaiser Drive
Fremont, CA 94555 USA
Phone: 510-795-8500
Sales: 800-231-7717
Support: 866-826-5722

Part Number: P/N 967685-0403
Source: Manufacture Supplied
Warranty: 3-Year Limited Hardware Warranty
MSRP: $179.99


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