Product Review (March 2008)
mi Jamô - Laser Light Show

Laser lights have been around for as long as I can remember, yet until recently they were only found in professional venues. This technology is no longer just for the professionals thanks to the folks at mi Jam. Their new Laser Light Show adds fun to playing music. The mi Jam Laser Light Show is designed to interface with iPods and other music players that have a 3.5mm jack audio jack. The top of the unit has a place for docking an iPod. The top side has a clear window that projects a laser image on the ceiling or wall synchronized to the music being played. The pattern size can be adjusted through the volume control of your music player. The louder the volume, the bigger the laser pattern becomes on the surface. The user also has the option of turning off the laser and using just the audio playback system. The mi Jam Laser Light Show includes an AC Adapter. However, a set of four AA-size batteries gives the mi Jam Laser Light Show complete portability allowing the user to play the laser show virtually anywhere. The unit measures only about 6.5" in diameter with a base that swivels to help aim the laser beam. A control on the back directs the beam on the ceiling or against a wall.

Laser Assembly
Inside the assembly there is a pair of mirrors that reflect the laser light out of the top of the unit. When music is played through the audio connection, the laser is deflected in both the X and Y axis. This creates interesting and unique patterns on the wall or ceiling. Luckily, the manufacturer claims the laser light output is safe and conforms to all applicable international standards for safety. The Laser Light Show automatically detects when audio is being played and shuts off the beam when no sound is detected.

The power switch on the front of the unit has three settings - off, audio only, and both audio and laser. Audio quality is what one might expect from a pair of small speakers, nothing spectacular. However, kids will have plenty of fun with this product as the visual effects work in conjunction with the music being played. We connected our Microsoft Zune media player to the unit using the 3.5mm plug and it worked well. The cable can be pulled out to a maximum of about 6 inches and holds its position much like old-fashioned window shades. The audio output level from the music player determines how much deflection is seen in the laser beam. The audio control on the Laser Light Show unit is independent of this and can be set to a comfortable listening level without changing the laser pattern size.

The mi Jam Laser Light Show is a fun product that can add enjoyment to your next party. Adults may get bored with it rather quickly due to the average sound quality, but it is likely that kids will find this product a lot of fun for extended periods of time.

- Kevin Nakano

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mi Jamô - Laser Light Show


  • Built-in Stereo Speakers
  • Laser light show effects synchronize with your music
  • Adjustable stand to project light show to wall or ceiling
  • Safe laser light: conforms to all applicable international standards for safety
  • Audio-in jack suitable for iPods(R) and most music players
  • Retractable audio-in cable
  • Can be used with the AC adaptor provided or 4xAA batteries
  • Volume control
  • Two modes: Audio only and Audio with Laser Light Show

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