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OPDV971H DVI-Enabled DVD Player

By Kevin Nakano

Oppo Digital, Inc. located in Mountain View, CA has introduced their OPDV971H DVI-enabled DVD player, which features the acclaimed Genesis/Faroudja FLI-2310 video processing chip to handle deinterlacing and the DivX Certified™ Mediatek MT1389 MPEG decoder chip. The OPDV971H low-profile chassis is stylish looking features a blue fluorescence display. The thin tray compliments the low profile design. The few buttons that occupy the front panel and include Power, Open/Close, Play/Pause and Stop. The OPDV971H supports DVD Video, DVD Audio, DivX®, XviD, Audio CD, HDCD, WMA, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW, and Kodak Picture formats. The unit has a built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoder along with a 3-D virtual surround processor (Concert, Live, Dance, Techno, Classic, and Soft). Karaoke fans will be happy to know that it works with karaoke discs and may be bought using different and widely accepted Shopping Vouchers as well. The unit has the ability to load new firmware updates with the latest features and bug fixes from the OPPO website.

Cable Ready
The OPDV971H comes well equipped with a variety of cables to help make installation as smooth as possible. The box includes a 5-foot DVI-DVI-D cable and a 6-foot DVI-HDMI cable, supporting both digital video configurations. Also included is a set of analog A/V cables for two channel audio and composite video. The IR remote comes with batteries and while it is a much better remote than what shipped with the very first units, it still lacks true backlighting and instead relies on glow-in-the-dark buttons.


Consumer have a huge selection of DVD players currently on the market, so of which are very inexpensive. The important feature offered on the OPDV971H is the DVI digital video output. This interface allows video to be sent to the display or projector (in our case) completely in the digital domain. Unlike conventional DVD players that only have analog outputs, the OPDV971H supports both type of outputs for the maximum flexibility. For this review, we only focused on the DVI output and not the analog video outputs.

The OPDV971H DVD player can upscale the source to the standard resolutions of 480p, 720p and 1080i. Since the player is not HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compliant, consumers that own non-compliant HDCP monitors will be able to enjoy content used on this player. This does not prevent HDCP-compliant monitors from using it.

The unit also has the usual coaxial and Toslink digital audio outputs, as well as 6-channel analog outputs for DVD-Audio discs or when using the player's built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoders. Full bass management and time alignment control is available using the setup menu.

The original remote included with the OPDV971H was nothing to write home about with its small buttons and difficult to read labels. The navigation keys were easy to use, but most of the others buttons took a fair amount of effort to use. Luckily, Oppo has introduced a new remote with the unit we received and it is a much better design. The buttons have a good feel and do glow in the dark. True backlighting would have been preferred, but compared to the original remote, this new design is significantly better. However, working in a dark environment can be a problem even with this new design.

One nice feature of this player is its ability to play PAL discs while also converting the video to NTSC. The video performance was excellent considering the source frame rate of 25/50 and there was no apparent judder in the scenes. The player can also be commanded to ignore regional coding so that discs from other regions can be played. Layer changing is exceptional on this player thanks to the video memory buffer used to absorb the delay time during the layer switch.

Our setup includes a Mitsubishi HC5000 1080p projector along with a 100-inch Stewart FireHawk filmscreen. For the purpose of the review, we let the player upconvert the video to 1080i. The OPDV971H has all the key ingredients that make a great DVD player. The Genesis/Faroudja FLI-2310 video processor properly deinterlaces video sources while minimizing objectionable artifacts such as jaggies. Using several of our torturous source discs the player performed virtually flawlessly on this material. We were also impressed with its ability to play virtually all kinds of recordable media. Often home videos do not play reliably on many players, but the OPDV971H had no problems playing back these discs.

When powering on the unit it takes several seconds before the player responds to the eject button. This can be annoying at times even though it only takes a few seconds. Pressing the DVI button on the remote sequences through 480p, 540p, 720p, and 1080i.

The Oppo OPDV971H is an impressive DVD player for $199. It offers users a DVI output for compatible displays with excellent picture quality. The Faroudja-based processing is excellent and the scaling performance will put a smile on your face. This is the only player I currently have that can play virtually any disc, including most of the DVD recordable formats. There are few players that perform this well with such superb video processing and a DVI output and certainly not at this low price.

- Kevin Nakano

OPPO BDP-103 Blu-ray Player

Review System

Projector: Mitsubishi HC5000 Full-HD 1080p LCD Projector
Screen: Stewart Filmscreen 100" FireHawk Screen on a Luxus Deluxe ScreenWall
Video Processor/Scaler: Anchor Bay Technologies DVDO iScan HD+ A/V Processor
Preamplifier/Processor: Parasound AVC-2500U THX-Ultra DTS/DD Preamp/Processor
Amplification: Parasound HCA-2205AT THX-Ultra Five Channel Amplifier
Bass Management: Miller & Kreisel BMC Mini 5.1 Bass Management Controller
Front Speakers: Miller & Kreisel S-150THX (L+R) and S-150AC (Center) Speakers
Rear Speakers: Miller & Kreisel SS-250 Tripole® Surround Speakers
Subwoofer: Two Miller & Kreisel MX-350THX MkII THX-Ultra Push-pull Subwoofers
Room Treatments: Echo Buster panels and Bass Buster towers
DVD/CD/SACD Player: Sony DVP-NS900V DVD/CD/SACD Player
DVD Audio/Video Player: Kenwood Sovereign DV-5900M 400-Disc DVD Changer

D-VHS VCR: JVC HM-DH30000U D-VHS High-Definition D-Theater VCR
A/V Cables: Ultralink Platinum and Advanced Performance Series Cables
DVI Cable: AudioQuest DV-1 20m DVI-D Cable
HDMI Cables: VizionWare Hi-Wirez 15-meter Active HDMI Cable
Power Conditioning: Panamax MAX® 5510 ACRegenerator
Video Generator: Sencore VP300 SDTV/HDTV Video Pattern Generator
Color Analyzer #1: Sencore CP5000 ISF Certified All-Display Color Analyzer
Color Analyzer #2: ColorFacts PRO with GretagMacbeth Eye-One Pro Colorphotometer

Review - At a Glance

OPPO - OPDV971H DVI-Enabled DVD Player

Click here to download the OPDV971H User Manual


RF AMP/Servo DSP/CD Decoder/DVD Decoder: MTK1389
Memory (Flash): 8M(bit)/16M(bit)
Memory (DRAM/SDRAM/SRAM): 32Mbit/64Mbit
D/A Converter for Video: MTK1389 108MHz/12bit & CS4955 54MHz/12bit
D/A Converter for Audio: CS4360 192KHz/24bit
Loader: Sanyo Optics DV34S

Updatable via CD-Rom

Power Supply:
Input Voltage/Frequency: 110-~240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption in Standby: <1 Watt
Max Power Consumption in Operate: 14 Watt

Video Characteristic:
Video Amplitude VP-P (V): 1.0±0.2 (75 ohm)
S-Video Amplitude VP-P (V): Y:1.0VP-P/75 ohm, C 0.286VP-P/75 ohm
YCbCr: Y:1.0VP-P/75 ohm, Cb/Cr 0.7VP-P/75 ohm
Resolution: 720X480X30/NTSC or 720X576X25/PAL
Horizontal Resolution (TV Line): = 450 lines
DVI: 480p, 576p, 540p, 720p, 1080i
Video Decoder Buffer Memory: 64M bits

Audio Characteristic:
Frequency: 20Hz~20KHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >90db
Dynamic Range: = 80 (1KHz)
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.01%

Unit Dimension:
W x D x H: 420mm X 270mm X 47mm
Net Weight: 2.5Kg

Company Information

OPPO Digital, Inc.
2269 Old Middlefield Way
Mountain View CA 94043 USA

Phone: 650-961-1118
Source: Manufacturer Supplied
MSRP: $199


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