Product Review (February 2007)
EBTECH - Swizz Army™ 6-in-1 Cable Tester

Bad cables are more than just a nuisance for musicians. They can cost valuable time and interrupt important recording sessions or live shows. Eliminating the bad interconnects from your setup brings back confidence that your equipment will perform as it should. To help, Ebtech has introduced the Swizz Army Cable Tester - an easy to use multifunction cable tester for audio applications. The flexible design quickly diagnoses problems with XLR, 1/4", RCA, 1/8", TT, and MIDI cables. Most problems start out as intermittent connections and can be a real pain when they fail. The Swizz Army lets you wiggle the cable and find any intermittent problems so the bad cable can be replaced before a big gig. This cable tester also has a built-in tone generator (1kHz or 440Hz tone), phantom-power detect, and grounded XLR shield detect. The wiring of the cable is clearly displayed on the LEDs and clearly shows continuity, opens and shorts for each pin. A latching circuit indicates if the cable is intermittent even if your eye didn't catch the short or open. The Swizz Army operates on a pair of AA batteries.

Modes of Operation
The Swizz Army Cable Tester is designed to work in three main modes of operation - Cable Test Mode, Installed Cable Test Mode, and Tone Test Mode. The tests will visually tell you where connections are between signals and if shorts exist. The unit will also display any intermittent connections should they come and go. Audio tones provide input signals to equipment for checkout. Both 1kHz and 440Hz tomes are supported.

There is nothing worse than a bad cable in your audio system that causes you grief during a performance when lots of people are listening. The Swizz Army™ is an invaluable tool that is inexpensive and easy to use. Those who work with road gear or in the studio know the importance of reliable cabling and the Swizz Army™ provides a great solution to the problem.

- Kevin Nakano

Review at a Glance

EBTECH - Swizz Army™ 6-in-1 Cable Tester


  • Checks XLR, 1/4", RCA, 1/8", TT & MIDI cables.
  • Check for continuity and/or intermittent connections.
  • Detects opens and shorts for each pin.
  • Includes test tone generator (+4, -10, Mic), phantom power detector, grounded XLR shield detector and cable wiring display.

    Company Information
    A Division of Sound Enhancement Products, Inc.
    325 Cary Point Drive Cary IL 60013
    Dealer Hotline/Customer Service: 800-284-5172
    Phone: 847-639-4646
    Fax: 847-639-4723

    MSRP: $180
    Source: Manufacture supplied


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