Product Review (October 2004)
Voyetra Turtle Beach - Noise Canceling Headphones

Turtle Beach has always had an exceptional reputation for providing consumers with high quality audio products. Their PC audio card designs have been regarded as some of the best sounding in the industry. More recently, Turtle Beach has introduced a new set of headphones that offer noise-canceling technology. These headphones are designed to remove the background noise often encountered by individuals in their everyday commute such as airplanes, buses, trains, etc. The best part is this technology is available for under $50 retail. Those who travel on noisy rapid transit systems will certainly benefit from the design and performance of this product. The product uses built-in amplifiers to provide full bandwidth sound. The package includes an extra pair of ear bud cushion pads, a convenient carry bag, an airline plug adapter and one "AAA" battery. The compact design allows the unit to be stored in easily in a shirt pocket. The headphones come with an 1/8-inch input jack, which is common on today's portable devices.

These lightweight, foam covered ear buds fit comfortably and while we are not big fans of typical ear bud designs, they work well. The design incorporates a tiny microphone on each side ear piece that receives and processes the incoming background noise and then subtracts the noise that would normally enter the ear canal. To accomplish this task, the design has dedicated electronics that run from a single "AAA" battery. Rather than have to deal with the cheap airline headsets that everyone else has been wearing, users can use the included airline adapter that offers the flexibility of running with the in-flight audio system or their own personal audio unit.

The small in-line module holds the single "AAA" battery and also contains the electronics needed to process the audio signals that cancel background noise. An on/off switch is provided that instantly defeats the noise canceling circuit. There's also a separate volume control for the headphones that works regardless of whether the noise canceling circuit is on or off.

We did most of our testing using our portable Neuros MP3 player. This MP3 player provides great sound quality and has worked well for us with other portable headphone reviews. Audio quality on the Turtle Beach headphones was typical for an inexpensive product and had only decent audio quality. Unfortunately, my ears do not lend themselves well to ear buds in general. I have a difficult time keeping them in place without them falling out and these were no different. Keeping this in mind, our review might not be as good as those who have ears that work well with ear buds. The sound quality certainly improved when the buds were pushed closer to my ear canals. The noise canceling feature certainly wasn't night and day and in many cases it was difficult for me to hear a significant difference using the on/off switch. Turning the volume up would drown out the noise, but not provide me with what I might expect from a noise canceling system. On the upside, it did seem to work better on transient noise compared to constant background noise. All in all it was a decent pair of headphones, but for $50 you might be better off putting it towards a higher performance system.

- Kevin Nakano

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Voyetra Turtle Beach - Noise Canceling Headphones


  • Foam-covered Ear Buds
  • Noise Canceling Microphones
  • Noise Canceling On-Off Switch
  • Volume Control
  • 1/8 Inch Input jack
  • Package Contents

  • Noise Canceling headphones
  • Carrying Case
  • Airline Adapter
  • Extra foam earbud pads
  • AAA Battery

    Company Information
    Voyetra Turtle Beach
    5 Odell Plaza
    Yonkers, NY 10701-1406

    800-233-9377 (Sales, in USA)
    914-966-0600 (Sales, non USA)
    914-966-1102 (Fax)


    Source: Manufacture Supplied
    MSRP: $49.95

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