Product Review (October 2006) - M&S Systems
WG150W Wave Guide In-Wall Speakers

By Kevin Nakano

Choosing the right in-wall speaker can be difficult when trying to balance price and performance. While virtually all of the current in-wall models offer aesthetically pleasing looks, few sound as good as the conventional boxed designs that often intrude into our living space. M&S Systems, a division of Linear LLC, offers an impressive line of quality in-wall and ceiling speakers called WaveGuide. These speakers have a unique horn-shaped baffle that efficiently disperses the sound into the room. The asymmetric tweeter pivots to optimize sound and extend the high-frequency response. Using a pair of 3-position (±3 dB) level switches on the baffle, both high and low frequecies are adjustable for optimal bass and treble response. Kevlar woofer cones with butyl rubber surrounds offer smooth frequency response, low distortion and longevity. The speakers include an acoustic seal while mounting the frame to the wall, while rubber bumpers on mounting tabs help reduce vibration. A full 10-year warranty is included with the WaveGuide series speakers.

We reviewed the WaveGuide WG150W inwall speakers, which features large 8" woofers with a maximum power rating of 150W. The baffle separates from the mounting frame making it much easier to install. A cutout measuring 13 3/16" H x 9 3/16" W is required in the drywall. Rubber pads on mounting clamps help to reduce vibration. Once the frame is aligned and mounted the main speaker fits into the open area and screws down. We liked this design approach because it alleviates holding a heavy speaker assembly during installation. Templates are provided to help guide the installation and the cutouts needed to install the frame. We placed the WG150W speakers in our living room between the 16" stud centers. Heavy 14-gauge Tributaries speaker wire was run in the walls, which eventually made it to our Sonos Digital Music system used to drive the speakers. A small IR window is provided for those utilizing a remote control in their system.

We used the Sonos Digital Music system to drive the speakers. This ZP100 ZonePlayers have enough power to produce adequate audio levels in average sized rooms. The WG150W inwall speakers performed very well with a variety of music we played through them. Using the pivot and rotate capabilities of the tweeter, we directed the high frequencies towards the listener. This improved the high frequency response without sounding overly bright. The bass performance was satisfying with a deep and well balanced response. The WG150W speaker can produce substantial output levels without listening fatigue.

While not everyone will opt for in-wall speakers, there is a trend that balances asthetics and functionalty. The Spouse Acceptance Factor (SAF) plays a large role in systems installed today and the WG150W scores high in this regard. This is an important aspect of in-wall speakers especially when sound is required in places such as kitchens or bathrooms, where conventional boxed speakers are not an option.

The M&S Systems WG150W in-wall speakers are easy to install and offer excellent performance and are reasonable priced. The build quality and ease of installation make this speaker a must for those customers requiring a level of performance above average in-wall speakers. We have had these installed in our living room for some time now and the audio quality has never lets us down. The 10-year warranty provides confidence that the speakers are designed to last. While some will never go to in-walls for pure audio performance, it's nice to know that there are quality speakers that can be used throughout the house, while keeping within a reasonable budget.

- Kevin Nakano

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Review at a Glance

M&S Systems
WaveGuide WG150W In-Wall Speakers


  • Unique horn-shape baffle design
  • 1" aluminum dome asymmetric tweeter that pivots and rotates
  • Adjustable 3-position dB switches (+/-3 dB base and treble)
  • 8" Kevlar woofer cones with butyl rubber surround
  • Rubber pads on mounting clamps reduce vibration
  • IR Lens
  • Baffle separate from frame for easier installation
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • Frequency Response: 35Hz to 20kHz +/-3db
  • Maximum Power Rating: 150 watts
  • Overall Dimensions: 10 1/4" W x 14 5/16" H
  • Mounting Dimensions: 13 3/16" W x 9 3/16" H
  • Grille: Aluminum
  • Color: White
  • MSRP: $399.95/pair

    Company Information
    M&S Systems
    2861 Congressman Lane
    Dallas, Texas 75220
    Toll free: 800-877-6631

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