Product Review (August 2009) - Xantrex
Duracell® Digital Inverter 800

By Kevin Nakano

Xantrex - Duracell Digital Inverter 800Xantrex offers a full line of power inverters ranging from small portable units to full high-power, true sine wave (TSW) inverter/charger systems that can be installed in both residential and commercial applications. If there is one thing that Xantrex knows, it is inverters. Xantrex has licensed the Duracell name to use on a series of consumer products. One such products is the new Duracell® Digital Inverter series available in three models (200, 400 & 800 Watt) each providing a pair of three-prong grounded AC outlets. These inverters are designed to power electronics while on the go and features an interactive LED display that provides the user with the input and output voltages, and power output. We received the Digital Inverter 800 for review and connected it to the battery on our Nissan Armada. The digital inverter converts 12-volt DC power from a vehicle battery into a 120-volt AC using a Modified Sine Wave (MSW). The MSW has the same RMS (Root Mean Square) as a True Sine Wave (TSW) inverter, but costs substantially less to manufacture. Since some devices may have problems due to the waveform of the MSW, users should check to make sure their product can properly operate with MSW inverters.

Voltage In
Voltage Out
Power Out
Voltage In Voltage Out Power Out

Once the inverter is connected to the battery, the user must press and hold the power button down to turn the inverter on. We tested the inverter with a standard 300-watt halogen lamp, which is a simple load with no current transients. The input voltage to the inverter was 11.8 volts with a 280 watt load. The output voltage remained at 115 volts regardless of the load we presented on the inverter. This is a good design in that it appears to be rather load independent. There was a small voltage drop between the battery and the input of the inverter due to a small amount of resistance in the power cable. It is important on inverters to provide adequate gauge wire for supplying power. For every amp delivered to the load about ten times that is required at the input. This is because 12 volts is being converted to 120 volts.

The Duracell Digital Inverter 800 also includes a built-in fan in case the power electronics gets hotter than normal. For lower power loads the fan may not even run, but when the load increases and power dissipation goes up the unit will keep cool. Should the battery voltage get too low, an audible alarm will sound. In the event of a failure, the unit will display a fault code to make troubleshooting easier. The display can be difficult to read in direct sunlight.

The Duracell Digital Inverter 800 is an efficient, portable inverter capable of supplying household power to products while on the go. The unit is currently available with a street price of $80. The design is small, lightweight and highly efficient (90%). The digital display provides important feedback to the user while the unit is operating. The 800 watt version requires heavy input cables to deliver the rated output power. These portable inverters are ideal for camping, picnics and other places where utility power is just not readily available. The Duracell Digital Inverter 800 worked great and gave us no problems during the review period.

- Kevin Nakano

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Review - At a Glance

Xantrex - Duracell® Digital Inverter 800

Product Features

  • Digital display technology providing valuable instant feedback
  • Automatic shutdown protection against overload, over-temperature, and low/high battery conditions
  • DC terminals for lighter socket or direct battery connection
  • Three-prong grounded AC outlets
  • Fault-code display makes troubleshooting easier
  • Audible alarm signals low-battery condition

Product Applications

  • Entertainment electronics: camcorder, video game console, stereo system,
    13” TV/VCR combo, 27” TV/VCR combo
  • Office equipment: cell phone, laptop computer, portable work light


Company Information
Corporate Operations
8999 Nelson Way
Burnaby, BC
Canada V5A 4B5

5916 195th Street NE
Arlington, Washington
USA 98223

General Tel: 604-422-8595
General Fax: 604-420-1591
Duracell® Digital Inverters Data sheet
Duracell® Digital Inverter 800 Owners Manual


Model: Duracell Digital Inverter 800
Source: Manufacture Supplied
MSRP: $79.99

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